Determine Success in Life with IQ or EQ

Here is my quick independent research about IQ and EQ.

I think we all have heard of IQ or Intelligence Quotient or Cognitive Intelligence in which it is a number used to express an individual’s intelligence through a standardized intelligence test. Simply, the IQ test score is calculated by dividing the individual’s mental age (a person’s mental ability) by their chronological age (number of years a person had lived) and multiply by 100. We usually compare the individual’s IQ score in the same age group. Today, the IQ score distribution is roughly normal with the mean around 100 and a standard deviation of 15.

Your IQ score represents your cognitive ability in learning, remembering, problem-solving, and paying attention to something besides your actual knowledge. People with higher IQ tend to be very successful in life.

Still, this is a very narrow path to determine the success in an individual’s life.

Let me ask you these questions:

How do you define “success” in your life?

Is it the fact that you have the ability to accomplish something?

Or is it the relationships that you have with others?

If it is the latter, this is where EQ or Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient comes in. It was defined as the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of yourself. The core idea of EQ is all about understanding your real emotions and being compassionate. You can use your emotions to evaluate other’s emotions, facilitate thinking, and understanding emotional meanings for a strong relationships establishment. Relationships are mostly about “putting yourself in others’ people shoes”. Don’t you agree? Relationships happen everywhere: at home with your family, at school with your friends and teacher, at work with your boss and your coworkers etc. A good relationship is what brings the happiness, love, and success out of you as the driver of your own destiny. This is what EQ is all about.

There is no guarantee that IQ is the only way to determine someone success in life since now that researcher have discovered EQ.

Some people believe that EQ is more important than IQ.

Tell me what are your thoughts about it?

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At the beginning of November, my physics facilitator had given times for each and individual students to do research about “physics behind something.” I believe that all of us know what “physics” is since we all had learned about it. If not, Physics is the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy,  as defined by Google. 

But the thing is, we can find physics everywhere in our everyday life….

‘Physics doesn’t just happen in a fancy lab — it happens when you push a piece of buttered toast off the table or drop a couple of raisins in a fizzy drink or watch a coffee spill dry’ ~ Helen Czerski 

Tightrope Walkers’ Balancing Pole

As I mentioned above, I need to do research about “physics behind something.” So, as you can see my topic is about the balancing pole that the tightrope walkers used to perform their skill. 

Continue reading “Physics….”

Pre-SAT (Pre Scholastic Assessment Test)


On October 14th, 2017, my school had organized a Pre-SAT for all the sophomore students to take via Khanacademy. The purpose of doing this test was to better prepare the students for the actual SAT and observe the students improvement. Even though it was just a pre-test but I felt really anxious about doing it since I am not a good test taker. It was really challenging for me due to the time constraint of taking each section. I did not have enough time to answer all of the questions of all the sections. Still, I need to develop a better strategy in taking it and need to always remind myself to breathe.

TechStars Startup Weekend

On September 29th, 2017, I attended the TechStars Startup Weekend that led by volunteer community leaders, located at Emerald Hub, PPIU Building. It lasted for three days and the theme of the events is “Education”. So, basically, the people that joined the event have to form a team and come up with ideas that would help to improve education in Cambodia. We have 54 hours to develop our idea and then pitch it to the judges. My team consisted of five members and had come up with an idea of helping the students to get real-life experience through field trips. We primarily organize field trips for students and let them gain real knowledge outside of the classroom through our website “TripRean“. Within those 54 hours of developing our idea, we received lots of advice from the mentor there in making our idea become reality. This was such a challenging experience for me to get involved in the business startup idea that we have to plan everything and follow the Canvas Business Model.

The Multiverse


Have you ever thought of Earth 2 or Earth 11….or Earth 19072? One of the projects that I’ve done in my physics class was doing research about the Multiverse. The multiverse is a theory in which there is a set of possible or multiple of universes that we live in. It was such a fascinating topic to me since there were many physicists that tried to prove that theory in many interesting ways. For an example, Hugh Everett III, had proposed the Many-Worlds Interpretation (MWI) in 1957 to support the idea of the multiverse. There is also Schrödinger’s cat experiment (the cat nor dead or alive), which explained the possibility that there might be other universes. After looking at many theories and experiments in proving the possibility of the existence of the multiverse, I still can’t make any judgment on whether or not the multiverse is real. I mean, if the multiverse is real, I won’t be unique anymore since there are the countless version of me in other universes. Another cool thing is that it also makes time travel possible.