The Cambodian Economy

In our Exploration, we were working on one project is about creating the Cambodian Economy book. The books will distribute to every secondary school in Cambodia so that the students can learn about their country’s economy. There are nine students who worked in this Exploration and they’re focusing on different sectors of Cambodian economy. For me I worked on two sectors are Kampot pepper and Tourism sector. Kampot pepper is known as the best pepper in the world. People trust it because it got the GI (Geographical Indication) status. Tourism sector is one of the four largest sectors of the Cambodian economy. It provides many jobs to people that live around the area and it helps people learn different things including culture, language etc.

At the Ministry of Education
At the Ministry of Education

My group had seven weeks to finish writing the book. We had been to many different provinces and places to learn about the jobs that people do to help the economy to grow. I had been to Kampot province to learn about Kampot pepper and fisheries. I went to visit Sothy’s pepper farm to learn about the pepper. She said that there are many tourist who come to visit her farm to learn about Kampot pepper. So we could say that Kampot pepper farm is also one of the small tourism site in Cambodia. I also went to Crap Market to interview the people who catch and sell crabs.

All the authors photo after give speech
All the authors photo after give speech

In class we all are focusing on researching on the internet to collect data and write down that information in the book. We need to make sure that the information that we got is right so we have to check many times. When we finished writing in English we have to checked it with our foreigner teachers to make sure that the grammar is correct and it is in the right way. After finished with English section we have to translate it into Khmer. Then we checked it with the Khmer teachers. So that mean we have to write and edit many times to make it look good enough.

To design the book, we worked with Javier Solorio who is the Director of Graphic Design for a non-profit organization at Chicago. Every Wednesday we skype with him to discuss and give feedback about the book layout. We’ll really appreciate him because he designed our book for free and it looks so professional.

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After we finished writing the book and it prints out, we were going to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to meet his excellency Hang Chuon Naron. He is the one who want our school to change Cambodia through education. We were so happy to meet him to give the first printed book to him. He will help us to put the book in every Secondary government school in Cambodia.

Giving speech at Meta House
Giving speech at Meta House

Just the day after we meet with the Minister of Education, we were doing our book launch at Meta House. We invite many people to join including all the Liger students as well. We all giving our speech to the audience about our book. I felt so happy that I’m just a 12 years old girl that had written the book about the economy to help my country even though it’s not easy but I still can do it.

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In my Entrepreneurship exploration, we were learning about running our own business by selling the 3D product. We divided into four group and each group have three members. My group were Samnang, Visal, and me. First of all, we pick of team name which is Sa-art Action then we divide the work to do. My role was an accountant and marketing, Visal was a graphic designer of the website, and Samnang was a product designer. Our group had created a Phone Carrier, which is a type of product that used to hold the phone and on your head just like headlamp and you can capture video easily. First we find the problem that people really hard to take a video when riding bike or moto. We designed our product in 123 3D design then we print it by 3D printing. Before we created our products, we had to do many surveys like interviewing people at the market and asking people at our school through Google Form. Then we come up with a plan about where we should sell and promote our product and also how much would it cost. In our class we had learned some vocab (memrise)about creating a business. In this Exploration had taught me a lot about collaboration and being flexible. One of my challenging thing is about promote people to buy our product. Some places that we had gone to sell our product are Central Market in Phnom Penh and Northbridge International School Cambodia (NISC). In this Exploration, I really enjoyed working with my team about sharing idea and work hard to achieve our goal.

Weekly Journal

In Literacy class I’m not just learned about English grammar. But in every week I also have to write the important thing that we did in that week. Below is one of my weekly journal that have written in my Literacy class about the English Springboard competition trip. Enjoy reading my weekly journal!

English Springboard Competition

On Saturday I went to Springboard English Competition with my friends. I saw a lot of people outside Liger that went to this English Springboard Competition too. The people that went to listen to the presentation at Springboard English Competition they all really good at English. I listened to the people that did the presentation and they talked about the exam for the competition. The man name Sen Pidet he talked about Cambridge English. I learned from him that when we took the English exam it has four components were reading, writing, listening, and speaking was the main point for the exam. In that English competition it has the debate competition. In debate competition they was debate in the group. In each group have three members. That three people they have different jobs to do in the debate. The topic that 2 groups debate for, they need to choose so they have to do the lucky draw for the topic. The group that win debate they have the chance to do debate with other over sea group. The English Competition the people that win, they have the chance to go to UK and it also depends on the level that they do the competition. At the end of the presentation they showed the video about the girl that won the English competition in this year, her name is Socheata. She is 13 years old. She came from the school name CIS. We all watched the video about her speech and she talked about the problem cutting down the trees. I was really like her speech because she talked very clear and she shares lots of facts to us about the trees. Finally, it the end of the presentation so we all went back to our school. I really enjoy this Springboard English Competition. I think may be for next three or four year later, I can join this English Competition too.

2014/2015 Yearly Reflection

Cambodia is one of a developing country in Asia. So there would be many problems that could happen. I’m one of the Liger students that have a promise to help change my country. The first thing that I had change is about sanitation. As you know sanitation is very important to us. If we don’t have a good sanitation we easily to get sick. When we sick we can’t do anything.

The problem about sanitation that I had seen was that the people in my village they do the open defecation around there house and in the field. On one holiday when I went to my village I tried to think of the solution that can help them. The problem that could happen to them was that it not good for their family because it can give them disease and people around their house. So to make them have a good sanitation they need to have toilet. But the problem about toilet is that they don’t have enough money to build a toilet. In my house there was one toilet and my relative from other houses they also use it. So that mean we don’t have to spend lots of money to build the toilet in every houses. So that mean we just need one toilet in one house and three or four more houses that near can also use it. I also tell my family about the problem that I had seen and the solution that I had to my family. They also think like me. To make my solution occur I have to begin with telling my friends about the problem that I have seen and my solution. So when my friends go to there house they can tell there parents. The next holiday when I went to my village I saw some of the toilets in my village had built like the house that near my house they also built toilet.

So, building toilet gives us a lot of benefits. The first benefit is that we can use it for a long time. The second one is that it can make us have a good health. So anyway, build toilet is good for us, family, village, province, and the last one is good for our country.

Technovation 2015

Technovation is one of the program that educate and inspire a group of young women to solve world real problem through technology (app). All around the world many groups of young women was trying to solve the real problem in their society or in their country to compete with other group. I’m in the team one of the five students that join Technvoation. In Technovation program my group are Sreyneang O, Makara, Sreypich, Vattey, and me. In our group we were divided into two team, one team program the app prototype and another team did the business plan.

The problem in Cambodia that we chose to solve in Technovation program is how Farmers and Customers not really connect to each other. Farmers problem was that they find it hard to sell their farming products to customer because they were faraway from each other. Customers find it hard to buy a good quality farming products that they can trust. To solves that problems my group had created one app called ImEx. ImEx stand for Import and Export. In ImEx app farmers can post the product that they want to sell and some information about their products and when the customers see it they can contact the farmers. For customers is the same, they can post the product that they want and when the farmers see it the farmers can contact the customers.

For technovation program we have three months to complete all the thing to summit to the judges. In my group I’m a leader so I divided my group into two team, one team program the app prototype and another team the business plan. So we can get our done in time. The things that my group need to summit for the judges are our business plan, screenshot of our app prototype, pitch video and demo video.

My team were working very hard to complete that project. We all were have fun and tire because every weekend we have to do that project. When finished Technovation I have learned some skills are being a leader, be flexible, collaboration with other people, program app and more. It was a great opportunity for me to join Technovation. I was so happy.

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Screenshots of ImEx app prototype

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