2016/2017 Yearly Reflection

You might not hear or know of Cambodia before, since it is such a small country located in the Southeast Asia region, bordering Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. I was born and raised here in Cambodia, a country in which used to have a remarkable history during the Angkor Empire, with rich nutrients and the great irrigation for the agriculture. We use to be “the diamond of Southeast Asia”. Though people had been suffered, losing their friends, family, and their life, from such a cruel time during the Khmer Rouge regime (1975 – 1979) – genocide. We had been losing our hope and ambitions from that brutal time. Our elders keep carrying those memories in their soul since it is unforgivable and unforgettable to them. Yet, today as our nation started to develop with the steadily growing economy, we are starting to stand back up and fight for the great future in front of us.

Health is a significant topic that we all cannot be miss out since it is the root cause of everything that we do. Have you ever heard of “anemia”? Did you know that this condition is affecting half of the world population and no one had noticed it?  It’s affecting to most of the Cambodian citizen as well, especially to those who are living in poverty. Iron deficiency is the one of and the most common anemia that causes the lack of iron in our red blood cells. When you are feeling dizzy or tired, you might not know why you got them, since it is pretty normal. These are some of the symptoms of the iron deficiency condition. Even myself had not known this fascinated topic before. In order to get a better understanding of this concept, we worked with Lucky Iron Fish company that aim in reducing iron deficiency condition in Cambodia and the whole world. To spread the word about it, we had done workshops at Siem Reap province in three different locations. I and the other students educated community people and the students in the organization about the cause of iron deficiency and the solution to it, which is the lucky iron fish. We distributed out a bunch of lucky iron fish to people for their family and teach them on how to use it and how to take care of it. Not just that we did workshops, but we also create the documentary about it to share to the world. Even though we can only focus on just a small amount of people, but I believe those people will spread the word about it. This little steps can really create change to the future. I’m so proud of myself that I have the ability to help my people with this issue even though it just a small one.

Helping people is really important, but helping yourself to understand and get a deep clear idea about your own country history is vital as well. The Khmer Rouge exploration had manipulated my perspective a lot. There are so many inputs that I’ve got from this exploration. During 1975 – 1979, my country had suffered from a Khmer Rouge regime, a time where our elders can’t forget and can’t forgive. Today 2017, even they don’t show those sorrow and anger, but I understand their’s feeling really well from visiting two memorial places, such as the S-21 prison, and Choeung Ek, the killing field. Both places provided an audio tour, which we can get a clear sense about the situation during that time. I got goosebump during the tour. The information, the voices, the images, are just so memorable and it just dives deep down into my soul. It was shocking for me to know all of the detail about the Khmer Rouge and the victims since I never get a deep understanding of it before. The cruel strategies that Khmer Rouge used for the country were just genius – evil. It was supposed to make the country a better place for everyone, but it went into the wrong path. It just……….. – I don’t know what to say. I couldn’t really describe my own feeling about it at all. This information is just kept pushing and encouraging me to keep moving forward and help my country for a better. I committed that I would never ever let my country to experience that brutal time ever again. Every single action that I take will always for my people not for my own good sake. It completely changes my mind about my country as I can see the big picture of it, as my people are living with the memory that is unforgettable. Born to be Cambodian, will always help Cambodia!

Generations through generations, time to time, day by day, we keep growing a bit by bit, step by step, and will never stop. We can start from failure, but we never will end up being a failure. This generation of our country always keeps pushing forward and that’s including me as well. We are shaping our country’s destiny to a better stage with little steps in creating positive change. I am a promising child in the Liger Leadership Academy (LLA) that had the potential to change my country future at a really young age. I am proud to be born as Cambodian. Thus, we are facing so many issues on our path, whether it is externally or internally for each individual Cambodian and the whole country. But, no matter what, we will stay strong and fight for the great future in front of us!


The Different Moment… (Killing Fields Reflection)

A genocide……, but a different one, the one that caused by a nation killing its own kind for power. It is unprecedented until 17th April 1975 – the day of the eclipse.

Feeling & Expectation

Everything was hazy. When I first stepped into Choeung Ek (the Killing Fields), I felt differently. Every time I walked, I felt like there’s something that keeps pulling me down at my feet and in my soul. It’s heavy. And deep breathe had always been made by me. Thinking of Choeung Ek, the first thing that I can be visualized in my mind was the stupa (the Killing Fields Memorial) that contains all the bones and skulls, standing humbly with the spire pointing toward heaven. Nothing else. Not at all. Not even the gate. In fact, there are so much more interesting and creepy scenes that been waiting for me behind the stupa. Mass graves. Victim’s’ clothes. Killing tools. It was way different from what I thought it would be. Apparently, from the look of those kinds of stuff, they are just ordinary materials, but the stories behind them are unacceptable to all the Cambodian citizens. My whole body froze. I was numb. I couldn’t describe my own feeling at all when I actually heard those stories. What I can say was that I felt like someone was stabbing people whom I care and love with a knife – I can’t help, but seeing them die right in front of me. Very very, very painfully. I didn’t expect that I would ever felt this way. Picturing those scenes from the audio made me realized: how can they do that? Those actions are worst than animals. Cruel. I could never imagine myself being in those situations. Never.  

Interesting Info

Somehow, I really impressed with the audio tour. It an awesome idea for people to gain clear information and they can actually picture what was happening in their head. Nevertheless, I had received so much more information about the Khmer Rouge regime from the audio tour. There are several main points that I absorbed:

  • Escorting victims to Choeung Ek
  • Execution equipments/techniques
  • DDT chemical

First of all, I wanted to say that the Khmer Rouges are all GENIUSES (but EVILS). In order, to transport people from S-21 and other places to the Killing Fields, soldiers had to lie to the victims that they will take them to a “new home; a better one”. Moreover, all of them were blindfolded and didn’t know where they were going. If the soldiers were to tell them the truth, there might be a chaos; people will fight back to get away. In addition, the killing types of equipment are generally the tools that we can easily find such as, ax, hoe, big knife, and rarely bullet since it’s expensive. They usually executing people at night with the loud music and the sound of the noisy generator to cover up the sorrow. In some other way, they would just let people excavate a pit to bury themselves. Another interesting point is about the D.D.T chemical, which is such a new information to me. After the execution, the soldiers used the D.D.T chemical to spray on the body in order to make sure all the people are dead and they won’t smell. Clearly, people who survived from the KR regime were usually had stolen food, since the main cause of death during that time was starvation.


  • If you dig the grass; dig till the roots – បើជីកស្មៅ ត្រូវជីកទាំងឬស
  • If keep no benefit; take out no loss either – ដាក់ក៏មិនចំណេញ ដកចេញក៏មិនខាត


  1. What made people became killers? Is it because of pressure? Or is it their own choice?
  2. What’s the reason(s) that made Pol Pot chose the wrong path? Or led him to the wrong way?
  3. Is there any country in the world know about the situation in our country during the KR regime?

Being a Cambodian

Khmer Rouge had destroyed our people hope at first and even though we conjure, we still have the hope of looking forward to the future. I have no regret in being born as Cambodian. Even though we have such a terrible past and we can not change it. I still believe that we can work it out the best for our future. As one of the promising child in creating positive change in our country, I promise to bring the hope back for our people and make us become one bunch of chopsticks again; not a single chopstick. We can easily break one single chopstick, but not a bunch of it though. We will keep fighting for the great future in front of us. I will always keep fighting for our future!

Waste Management

Waste Management is my second exploration of the fifth year. This exploration is not just about waste. Our exploration is about turning all of the trash in our community into cash. According to CSARO, 70% of all the trash are organic waste which made us think that we should somehow turn all of those organic waste into something that is useful. So, our business is about converting the organic waste into compost. In our exploration, we are only focusing on writing a feasibility on how the business will look like and the next exploration will do all the planning for the business. In our feasibility study, there are many things that we have to covers including, regulations, economics, technical, scheduling, organizations, market analysis, and more. The section that I am writing about is the Regulation Requirements. It such a confusing topic since, I have to understand all of the laws and taxes types that we have to obey. Even though it’s one of the difficult topics but I still found out that it’s a really interesting topic to me. Besides the regulations section, my group had gone out to the community to gather a statistic that shows that our business will help the community and can still be sustainable. We went out to do the survey a few times in two different villages: Chompous Kaek and Koh Kror Bey. Apparently, I gain lots of knowledge from this exploration other than waste information.

Argument Essay

Sreynith Sam

January 29th, 2017

Literacy 3

The Power of Role Playing Game with Simulated Violence

Can role-playing game revolutionize young teens into new creatures? The key is depending upon on your perspective, but what you’ve only conscious about is that role-playing games with simulated violence these days are being utilized as amusement for teens. These imprudent games are establishing players position and offered the duty for them to assassinate other players in a way to gain victory. It ferociously provokes kids to murder others and be intemperate. “Willis Cohen was finally killed through no fault of his own.” This is being utter in the “High-Jinks: Shoot Out” by Guy Martin, 2009, and it clearly shows that without executing or causing anything inconvenience, the contenders still being kill by another team. This reflects that these perilous games are instructing the kids to use pistols to put others to death and influence them that violence and killing people is acceptable for their society.

Do kids know the consequence of killing people? Kids who are playing a role-playing game like “Killers”, are only be engrossed in massacred people for money. This traumatic game did not show the repercussion of the game since the players can just get away from it after killing people. These kind of games are narrating them that violence and murdering people are allowed for them to commit. This could eventually lead a great precarious to their community and affect their own future as well. “[…] Protell, now a junior, recalled, as he paced Pierrepont Street, three water guns shoved inside the pocket of a hoodie.” During the game in the Brooklyn Heights, this young teen was able to disguise the weapon without being obscured by others. Should this kid be learning how to sneak gun at a really young age? Think about that! We all should be aware of how treacherous those pistols are. As parents, you shouldn’t be encouraged your kids to learn and hide that kind of equipment. At this age, kids are being taught to use those kinds of peril stuff in the game, think about the future, don’t you think they are going to hand out this kind of atrocious skill into reality for their own dominance?

While kids are playing those type games, they can also confused the citizen who lived around those area. Are those people got any some sort of dangerous weapon or they just playing a game? Let think about this deeper! What if you thought that these kind of kids are just playing a game and they come into your house, who’s know what they are going to do to you and your family. They might threaten you or could conduct to further violence like killing. “At 10:30 p.m. on a Wednesday, three of the four seniors, armed with Walgreens-issue water pistols, staked out Cohen’s house in a blue Toyota minivan.” Cohen and his family might be aware of this horrendous act, but what about their neighbors, they might think that those kids are having cruel intention to come into their community. This is really confusing! Role-playing game with simulated violence could really cause a negative impact in the community and that is leading to further brutality.

In some other ways, kids had also gained a positive benefit from it, such as developing their critical thinking skill in which they have to plan a clear strategy to beat another team and increasing their concentration skill as they tried to shoot other players. In “High-Jinks Shoot Out” also stated that “The call had been engineered from a remote computer by a squad member with prodigious hacking skills.” This demonstrates that kids are trying to contribute their knowledge to this game in order to solve the problem that they are struggling. However, this is just a small part of the game but the big picture of this game is still involved with violence that makes them become aggressive.

Imagine watching your kids using guns but not a real one, in a purpose of killing somebody intensively, how do you feel about that? I know that what all parents want to see is that their kids are having fun and be interactive with others when they play games. Despite this, role-playing game with simulated violence shouldn’t be on the list of kids games as it incentivizes kids to take vicious action in real life. Think about the ramification that this abusive game will bring to the kids and the future of this entire world. Even though different kids get different affections from it, but as a whole, this games still have an influence in inducing the kid’s minds to kill other just for their selfishness. As parents, you wouldn’t want this ruthless game to be a barrier for your kids to go to the beautiful world in front of them, right? So, what should you do? Start to think about it now! Don’t wait until it too late because your kids future is depending on your decision!

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Iron DeFISHiency

My first Exploration of the fifth year at Liger is called Iron DeFishiency (Iron Deficiency). I had never heard of this topic before. It’s really a new and interesting topic to me. So let me tell you what I have learned and know about this topic. Basically, iron deficiency is one of the anemias that happens to nearly half of the people in the world and maybe you have it too. Anemia is a disease that causes by the decreasing of the red blood cell (RBC) in our body. Anemia can cause by three things including parasite in our body, the genetic disorder which we get it from our parents, and last is an iron deficiency which is the lack of iron in our RBC. Our Exploration worked with Lucky Iron Fish company, which has the headquarter in Canada. We worked with them to do a workshop to the people in Siem Reap. We had a trip to Siem Reap for four nights and we did three workshops. We explained the villagers about the cause of anemia and explain to prevent it. At last, we introduced them the Lucky Iron Fish and told them how to use it. We gave out each family an iron fish. Besides doing the workshop in Siem Reap, we also being an opportunist to visit some places there like Angkor Temple (the largest religious temple in the world) and War Museum. It such a great Exploration that I can not tell you how much I had gained knowledge from it.